The school recently held an impressive investiture ceremony to formally introduce and induct the new student council members for the upcoming academic year of 2023-24. The event took place at Vagdevi Vilas School, Nelamangala. Student leaders were bestowed with badges symbolizing their commitment to serving their fellow students. This occasion was graced by our Chairman Sir sri.K Harish and CEO Madam. The Chief Guest presented them with the badges, and wished them the best of luck in their upcoming responsibilities. The student council members were proud of the recognition, and vowed to work hard to make their school better. The ceremony concluded with a speech from the Chairman, urging the students to work together for the benefit of all. In honour of the occasion Sri K Harish motivated the gathering with the message that you are responsible for your life. Time management helps you make the most of each moment. He encouraged students to be proactive and always strive to do their most excellent.

The newly appointed student council leaders, who are poised to make a positive impact on their peers, were acknowledged during the ceremony. The badges they received not only represent their positions of authority but also signify their dedication to creating a difference within the school community.

The responsibility of administering the oath to the student council members fell upon the head boy and head girl. This solemn moment highlighted the importance of the roles these student leaders would play in the coming year. By taking the oath, they pledged to uphold their duties with integrity and diligently work towards the betterment of their fellow students and the school as a whole.